Our Google Websites

New for 2016 Ethernetworks now offer website designs hosted for free on Google Sites, with the option of a custom .co.uk domain name e.g.

Google based websites are a low cost option to traditional web hosting with the following advantages:

Zero annual hosting fees

     Googles Site Reliability Engineering

     Content management facilities

     Google and Bing search engine               
     business listing for your area

     Full integration of Google Widgets and    
     features such as online resource     
     calendars, maps and news feeds

     All Google Sites can be customised with  
     your original digital media e.g. including   
     business logos and picture galleries

     Consistent site views with phone, tablet
     and PC
A custom .co.uk domain name for your Google Site is a low cost optional upgrade for an even more professional looking and sounding site.

We provide ongoing site updates to reflect information and business changes as required.

Our Google Sites Projects
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            St. Saviours Medical Charity
             Downloadable forms and news feed


               Our own Google site with custom domain