Fequently Asked Questions

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IT Support

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards and by cheque or bank transfer. We can send you an electronic invoice by email, where you can also pay by using our online payment facility via Paypal (all major credit cards accepted).

Do you supply or purchase equipment or software on our behalf?

No. But we will often specify equipment and help you make a managed purchase.

Do you offer support contracts?

We offer a monthly retainer option. Typically this is for checking off-site backups with an emailed weekly report. We often include on-site data backups as well, with periodic on-site data integrity spot checks.

We recommend that clients with accounting software such as Sage Payroll and Accounts take out software support contracts directly with Sage, who we will often liase with on the clients behalf.

What file server services do you support?

We primarily support small business, where an office will typically have less than 10 PC's. For that reason we will often just nominate an office PC as a dedicated file server for the other PC's, this includes sharing Sage files across the network to other PC's as well as standard MS Office files. We use scripts to connect PC's to the server and standard file and folder permissions to restrict data access to key users.

What anti-virus packages do you support?

We recommend standard Windows Defender and Microsoft anti-virus solutions over third party software.

What business email systems do you support?

We support any solution where mail is stored online and not on the PC. Our preferred platform is Google Workspace - although we also integrate third party mail hosting from UK registrars using Windows Outlook.


How does a website commission work with Ethernetworks?

We agree a final project fee and take a small initial commission to start the work and give you regular previews as your site is being developed. We work with your own media, photos and specifications every step of the way. You can cancel the project at any time if you are not happy with the work and we will only retain the initial commissioning fee.

Do you do standard websites (like Wordpress) as well as Google Sites?

No. At present we only support Google Sites for all our websites and Intranets. This is mainly for client website safety, where Google take care of all security for the site.

Can you migrate my existing website to a Google Site?

Yes we can - either by using our own preferred registrar or, in some cases, we can integrate our Google sites with domains hosted on the the sites existing UK based registrar.

If you want to migrate your current website, domain and email to Google we have a very clear path to do so. We work with your current website provider and the Nominet UK domains authority to achieve a smooth transition.

Is a Google Sites website any different from a typical website?

They are both the same. Our designs trend to be more visually functional, given the tools Google provide to make the site, but we are improving all the time.

For SEO purposes our sites get picked up well by Google and we always ensure you have a business listing in the first place for your business specialty. That said, our sites are better suited for local businesses hoping to attract local custom in their geographical location, or for searches being made in that location for a specific business or service.

What cost savings can I make hosting my website on Google?

Quite a lot, given some of the extra charges some website designers will charge for indirect annual hosting. Often this is several hundred pounds even for a static website. With your website hosted by Google you only pay for your domain name and any custom email addresses.

🔒 All our Google websites include a free SSL certificate as well as built-in basic CMS facilities.

At Ethernetworks our philosophy is to never to try to profit from your annual website hosting costs. We can renew your domain every year on your behalf - or transfer your domain directly to you so you can pay by direct debit.