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Moving your website to Google

We ensure that every site has been successfully indexed by Googles search engine, so your business listing shows up in searches and local area maps, for your particular specialty.

There are no website hosting fees. You only pay Google an annual fee if you require a custom domain name for your website and custom business email addresses for your domain.

We offer two different design packages

1) Standard - free hosting

  • Single one-off Ethernetworks design fee.
  • Your own provided email address.
  • Zero ongoing annual hosting cost.

Typically the website will have the website address of:

2) Custom - £10 / year

  • Custom domain name and business email address(es)
  • Google Domains package
  • Annual fee of just £10 / year to Google.
  • A website address of (or
  • Up to 100 custom email addresses e.g.
  • Use Gmail as the Email App for your business/organisation.

Ethernetworks will design your site, help you buy a new domain name (or transfer your existing one) and setup your email.

Websites For All Budgets ✓

Logos and Social Media

We can add your company logo or use our own in-house graphics designer to help design you a custom logo.

Add links to your business social media accounts.

We can include your picture galleries, slides and embedded videos and any of the many widget functions Google provides as part of the Apps system.

Content Management System

Manage your sites dynamic content. We can provide a simple mechanism for you to update your key information such as seasonal opening hours and contact information.

Keep your customers updated with your upcoming events, services and prices. Post your blog and news updates.

Intranets & Extranets

Private internet sites for either a single office company network (intranet) or geographically different offices (extranet). Share company wide information securely over the web using the Google Cloud. Both solutions feature optional Integration with company wide calendars and document stores.