Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

All our business services for IT and website design are subject to our terms & conditions. We revise these conditions periodically to ensure they are fair and reasonable.

IT Services Call-Out

Please ensure that you have copies of your passwords for your email and serial numbers and or software license codes for any media software that you require re-installation of on a new PC or computer device.

You must be the equipment owner or account holder of any software purchases or online accounts that require access. We advise that all personal data, including files and photographs have been backed up before repair work is undertaken. If this is not the case we will often advise that this is the first step to be undertaken by us before other repairs can take place.

Our work is guaranteed for a reasonable period after any work has been completed. Please notify us within 14 days if any problems re-occur and we will attempt to resolve any problems by either a free re-visit or by remote access.


We are always honest and upfront about costs for installations and repairs.

We will, where reasonably possible, give you a flat fee quote in advance for work carried out during home visits or equipment dropped off for us. This excludes the cost of any parts, although we will ensure that any additional costs have been agreed with the customer before any repair work is undertaken or charges are due.

For business customers we typically will charge by the hour, but we are often able to give an accurate price quote prior to any site visits.

No Fix - No Fee

If for some reason we are unable to repair an item, either by home visit or equipment dropped off to our premises, We will not request or expect any payment. This also includes any items of software or hardware that is our beyond our current expertise. We reserve the right to not undertake services or repairs that could potentially leave equipment in a parlous state or contributes to a safety hazard.

Equipment Storage

Please ensure that any equipment that has been dropped off at our premises for repair is collected within 7 days once repairs are completed (or where, after an initial assessment, repair has been deemed uneconomical).

We reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £10 per month for equipment not collected. We also reserve the right to dispose of any equipment left abandoned after 3 months.

Website Commissions

Our Google Sites website design work are always commissioned with a small initial fee, after a total price for the finished project has been agreed. This initial fee is non-refundable in the event of the customer wishing to cancel a commission. Please see our FAQs page for more details of our website design processes.

Payment By Invoice

For customers paying by paper/electronic invoice we expect payment within 30 business days. If payment has not been received after this period we reserve the right to charge statutory business rate interest charges on late payments. We will also seek to recover long-term non-payments for services rendered, through litigation if necessary.

Use Of This Website

You may print a copy of this website for personal use. You are not permitted to use our contact details for marketing purposes.

We reserve the right to make changes to our terms and conditions without any prior notice at any time.

Please read our privacy page for details of our policies on any personal information collected as part of the technical services we provide.